Project Introduction

Students will engage in a project relating to the colonial period of North Carolina. In collaborative groups students will research an event leading up to or during the American Revolution. Acting either as a patriot or a loyalist of the time period, students will report on the event using the appropriate point of view and facts gathered during research. Students can create their report acting as newspaper reporters or television journalists. Students may choose another presentation method if they obtain prior approval from the teacher.

Essential Question

Why did colonists in North Carolina choose to fight or not fight in the American Revolution?

Project Objectives

  • Understand differences of opinion between loyalists and patriot.
  • Understand important events of the revolutionary period
  • Research an important event of the colonial period
  • Design a media presentation detailing events from your point of view.

Edenton Tea Party

North Carolina History Project - Edenton Tea Party
Edenton Tea Party - NCpedia
Just Say No - To Tea! The Edenton Tea Party
Historic Albemarle Tour

Battle of Guilford Courthouse

Battle of Guilford Courthouse
Guilford Courthouse National Military Park
Guilford Courthouse
Battle of Guilford Courthouse 1781

Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence

Celebrating the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence
Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence
Historic Rural Hill
Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence - Fact Monster

Halifax Resolves

NCPedia - Halifax Resolves
The Halifax Resolves - April 12, 1776
North Carolina History Project - Halifax Resolves
Halifax and the Revolution

Battle of King's Mountain

The Battle of King's Mountain 1780
Battle of King's Mountain
Revolutionary War Archives - Battle of King's Mountain
King's Mountain National Military Park
Battle of King's Mountain

Regulator Movement

NC Historic Sites - Alamance Battleground
Regulators and Revolution
The Regulators
Tryon's Ferry