Native American WebQuest


In this webquest, you will be learning about the Native Americans of North Carolina.

You and the members of your group have been hired by the local museum to create an exhibit about the Native Americans of North Carolina.You will use the internet and print resources to learn about an assigned Native American tribe. You will collaborate with members of your team to create an exhibit teaching fellow students and community members about the assigned group. Your exhibit will include information about geography of the region in which they lived, artifacts, way of life, and how the tribes have changed throughout history. You will become historians, curators, and docents of your very own museum.


First you will be assigned to become an expert on one tribe that has been a part of North Carolina history. These tribes include: Cherokee, Catawba, Lumbee, Pamlico, Cape Fear and PeeDee. Your goal will be to research the assigned tribe and to collaborate with your team members to create your museum exhibit. As a group you will decide how to create your exhibit and how to present your information. You will create your exhibit and, as docents, you will take fellow students and members of the community on a tour of your museum. You will also take a tour of other museum exhibits to learn more about the other Native American tribes.


Before you begin your research, you will need to choose the roles you will have in the group. The roles include the: chief, council, and the judicial branch. The chief is in charge of making sure members of the group are staying on task, and completing their portion of the work. The council will listen to what each group member would like to do, and assign each group member a task. The judicial branch will help solve conflicts within the group. If the judicial branch needs help with conflict resolution, they will appeal to the Supreme Court, the teachers.

You will begin by discussing, with your group, what you would like to learn about your Native American tribe. Each group member will be responsible for conducting research on a selected part. In addition to conducting research, each person, will be responsible for contributing artifacts to the museum. After deciding upon what you would like to learn, and assigning jobs, you can begin your research. You have been provided with some links to help get you started.


All Native American Tribes

First Immigrants: Native American Settlement of North Carolina
North Carolina Indian Tribes
American Indian Education in North Carolina
American Indian Storytelling

Timeline of Native Americans



Cherokee Indians
Cherokee Language
Cherokee Medicine
Cherokee Information

Lumbee Indians

Lumbee History and Culture
Lumbee Indian Fact Sheet
Native Languages of the Americas
Learning Among the Lumbee
NCPedia - Lumbee Indians
The Lumbee Indians: Searching for Justice, Searching for Identity


Catawba Indians
Catawba Indian Tribe History
The Catawba Nation
Early Settlers


Pamlico Indians
North Carolina History Project - Pamlico County
Pamlico People
Indian Canoes of Eastern North Carolina
History of Beaufort
Carolina Algonquin
North Carolina Algonquins
North Carolina Algonquins Part 2
North Carolina Algonquins Part 1

Cape Fear Indians

Cape Fear Indians
Cape Fear Indians
The Cape Fear Indians
NCPedia - Cape Fear Indians
Voices of the Sandhills
The Lost Tribe
NC Historic Sites Bruswick Town/Fort Anderson
Yamasee War
Yamasee War at Britannica
Cape Fear Indians

PeeDee Indians (Creek/Muskogee)

The Pee Dee Culture
Town Creek Indian Mound
NCPedia Town Creek Indian Mound
Creek Facts for Kids
Native Prairie Thriving Again at Town Creek Indian Mound
Sciway - The PeeDee
North Carolina History Project - PeeDee Indians
North Carolina State Office of Archaeology


We will discuss the expectations of this projects as a class. After students have decided what they would like to include in their exhibits, a rubric will be posted. This rubric will be shared with the students, and it is posted here.

external image msword.png [[/file/view/Native+American+Museum+Rubric.doc|Native American Museum Rubric.doc]]


After visiting the museum exhibits, we will have a class discussion about how the tribes found throughout North Carolina are alike and how they are different. You will also complete a self-reflection identifying some of the things you learned during this project, what you liked and disliked, and what you found most interesting.