Holidays and Festivals Around the World
DescriptionIn this project you will be learning about holidays and festivals that are celebrated around the world. You will explore celebrations, traditions and symbols related to a holiday or festival from any part of the world. In a culminating activity, you will share your information and create a symbolic representation of the researched holiday from across the globe.
Essential Questions
  1. Why do people celebrate?
  2. What special traditions and rituals surround holidays and festivals?
  3. What holidays and festivals are important parts of your culture?
  4. What holidays and festivals are important in other cultures?
  5. What do celebrations around the world have in common?
  6. What is a symbol? How are symbols used in celebrations and holidays

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Culminating Activity

As a culminating activity students will effectively represent their research in graphic organizers as well as create a symbol that they feel best represents their holiday. Students will then teach fellow first graders about their holiday through sharing their symbol. Students will also write a description of the symbol and tell why it is a good representation of the holiday.