Get Your Head in the Clouds

Project Introduction

Students will learn about weather tools, and they will learn how to predict the weather through observing cloud formations. When studying weather tools, cooperative groups will research one particular weather instrument. They will then work with their group to plan a presentation about their weather tool. Students will then meet with a jigsaw group teaching about their area of expertise. Students will also investigate, observe, and record weather and how it relates to the cloud formations. Students will track weather using an online resource and use the collected data to create a weather chart or graph. They will draw conclusions about how weather affects us based upon their data, classroom activities, and discussion. Cooperative groups will create and present a product representing what they have learned that will include the weather that comes with particular clouds and how it impacts their lives. Students could opt to create multimedia presentation, create a news report using the newsroom, or other product as approved by the teacher.


Group Products

1. Become experts on a weather tool, create the tool and teach others about what the tool measures.
2. Collect and record data about weather.
3. Students will create and design a weather product to reflect the weather and activities associated with given cloud formations. Products may include a news report, book, newspaper, multimedia presentation, or other product as approved by the teacher.

Individual Product

Use data collected by the class to create a graph using Excel.

What is Today's Weather?

Weather Channel

Weather Tools

Weather Wiz Kids


Barometer - Fact Monster
How Do Barometers Work?
How Air Pressure Affects You


Make your own Anemometer
How Stuff Works - Anemometer


How Things Work - Thermometers
Thermometers are for Measuring Temperature

Rain Gauge

Make a Rain Gauge
Rain Gauge
How Does a Rain Gauge Work?


Hygrometer - Fact Monster
How does a Hygrometer Work?

Weather Satellite

Weather Satellite - Fact Monster
Weather Satellites
Weather Studies from Space
How do Weather Satellites Work?

Weather Vane

Weather Vane - Fact Monster
Make a Weather Vane
How Does a Wind Vane Work?


Clouds in the Sky
Weather Wiz Kids - Clouds


Students will be assessed on the project by using the following rubric.