Explorers are known as adventurous people who have traveled the globe and universe for a variety of reasons. Some of the adventures were more successful than others, most were dangerous, but all the adventures were interesting!

You and a group of friends go out to the playground, when you find a new item on which to play. The item you see is in the shape of a large boat. You and your friends jump on and begin to play. While playing, you find a large wheel that you think will steer the boat. When you turn the wheel, the boat begins rocking back and forth. Finally the rocking stops, and you find you have been transported back in time to the age of exploration. There is only one way to get back to our day and time. You must gather enough information about your explorer to make your way home. After your group has gathered their information, they will write a creative story about your adventures with your explorer that will include important events that occurred during your explorers adventures.

Your challenge is to find out as much as you can about your explorer and his or her adventures. On these daring voyages every person has a very important role. Each member of your group will have their very own title. You can be the navigator, map maker, or explorer.
Task 1: Time to get organized! To help you keep the explorer information organized, clean out your PBL folder. Get rid of all your research and note from former projects.
Task 2: Decide who will have each of the roles listed above. You will need to print the recording sheet that matches your job.
Task 3: Use the links provided to help you conduct your research. If you need additional information, check with the teacher before going to additional websites. Don't forget to record your sources. After checking with the teacher, you may go to Horizon Information Portal and then look for your explorer on NC Wise Owl.
Task 4:Work with your partners to write a story about the adventures with your explorer. Discuss your presentation ideas with your teacher.
Task 5: You will often get to post the answers to questions and show your learning at the following website. Wall Wisher
Explorer Links
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Jacques Cartier
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Juan Ponce de Leon
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Hernando de Soto
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Parallel Histories: Hernando de Soto
Hernando de Soto's American Conquest
Floripedia: DeSoto

Henry Hudson
Big Apple History - Henry Hudson
Henry Hudson
Ferdinand Magellan
Ferdinand Magellan Biography
Ferdinand Magellan and the First Circumnavigation of the World
Ferdinand Magellan
Magellan's Voyage Around the World
Matthew Henson
Matthew Henson Biography
Matthew Henson: Arctic Explorer
Matthew Henson - Polar Explorer

Lewis and Clark
Lewis and Clark Expedition Time Line
Lewis and Clark's Historic Trail
Lewis and Clark
Lewis and Clark, Inside the Corps
Lewis and Clark - Native Americans

John White
The John White Colony
NCpedia - John White
History is Fun
Roanoke Voyages
Erik the Red
Eric the Red
Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson
Erik the Red
Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong Biography
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Neil Armstrong Biography